I’m guilty of sticking to my comfort zone when it comes to everyday makeup.  My go-to usually consists of BB cream, concealer, brows, touch of blush, and curled lashes. CALL. IT. A. DAY.  However, shouldn’t we be stepping out of our comfort zone at least a little everyday?  It doesn’t matter in what context – just something new!  Marc Jacobs Beauty has been killing the game lately.  The brand recently launched gel liners which include fun colors in bright pink, purple, etc.  I was instantly turned on by the hot pink liner (pop)ular.  You’d be surprised at what a subtle difference colored liners placed in the waterline can do!

2018 – live a little sweetie!!

PHAMExpo (professional hair and makeup exposition) is the ultimate event for savvy beauty professionals, students, and anyone interested in the latest trends for hair and makeup.  My experience was extremely insightful – I was able to interact with some of the most influential makeup artists in the industry.  Angel Merino ‘@Mac_Daddy‘ started behind a MAC Cosmetics counter and has now successfully launched his own brand, Artist Couture.  Gilbert Soliz, the Global Makeup Artist for Marc Jacobs, showcased a high fashion editorial look that gave me so much inspo.  I also met Lora Arellano, who is one of the partners of Melt Cosmetics  and previously went on tour with Rihanna as her makeup artist.  Lastly, I connected with the very talented Amber Dreadson and was able to recently assist her on a music video.  I also discovered new brands and of my favorites was Black Moon Cosmetics – I tried a dark blue liquid lipstick and fell in love.  It was an inspiring experience and can’t wait for next year!