Sure, summer is officially over, but that doesn’t mean Mermaids aren’t year round – especially in Malibu.  While the rest of the country may be expecting crunchy leaves and crisp air, Malibu remains sunny and mermaid friendly.  A key player in this look was Lemonhead.LA’s Malibu Spacepaste.  The hues in these blues are anything but dull – it’s majestical, enticing, and rich.  Off-duty mermaid babe, Courtney, can be spotted on the shores of the Bu while she’s not entertaining guests at Jessica Simpson’s estate and so on #HumbleBrag.  Here’s a day in the life:


Mermaids have truly become a world wide epidemic – from gracing us with their presence at celeb parties, influencing the beauty industry, and of course shellfies.  It comes to no surprise that their vibrant colors and lustrous locks have given us the ultimate #GOALS.  Sheroes Entertainment has turned this fantasy into the reality, providing the most beautiful mermaids to be the center of attention at any given event.  I teamed up with photographer, Joe Beckley, as he captured the true essence of a mermaid at sunset in the Bu.

Quick mermaid makeup breakdown:

  • LemonHead.LA glitter
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Androgyny palette
  • Smashbox: Photo finish spray
  • The Ouai: Wave beach spray
  • Limecrime: Metallic lip
  • Honest Beauty: Truly kissable pink crayon


Much like the majority of young gals living in Los Angeles — I was pretty eager to try the Kylie Lip Kit.  I know it’s been a hassle ordering them online before they sell out within minutes, but my friend was able to get her hands on #DolceK.  I will say that this product was worth the hype.  The application process was super smooth — the kit comes with a liner and matte shade.  I wore it to the beach to see how it would hold up against the heat and having a Pacifico by the Pacific.  Turns out it does not come off and it does not get icky after a couple hours like other long lasting liquid lipstick in market.  Although Kylie’s product is quality, I recently read an article  on Allure that identifies the same ingredients in the Kylie Lip Kit as Colour Pop, for merely the fraction of the fraction of the cost. #TheMoreYouKnow, ya know? Xx

2016-04-02 17.14.11-2 ‘Thinkin’ about all of the gorg shades ‘