I’ve been loving my short hair – it’s so versatile, easy, and fun.  Some days I’ll be really into sleek and sexy – other days curly and cute.  To achieve this look you will need:

First, you’ll need to section your hair into workable amounts.  The smaller the area of hair, the more curls which translates to more volume.  I’ll curl my entire head but not comb through the curls to make them softer (I like to keep that for the end).  Once you’ve thoroughly curled – it is now time to incorporate the hair oil.  Ideally a quarter size pump will suffice but it also depends on your hair thickness.  I’ll gently brush out the curls with my fingers (covered in oil) in order to maintain frizz action.  Then I’ll calm down the curls and place my desired hair part.  Lastly, it’s time to spray it in place!  I prefer Elnett because it’s flexible yet durable – not to mention it’s also incredibly affordable.

Ps. Pair with pretty pink pumps for alliteration flair ya little classic curly cutie.