I’ve been loving my short hair – it’s so versatile, easy, and fun.  Some days I’ll be really into sleek and sexy – other days curly and cute.  To achieve this look you will need:

First, you’ll need to section your hair into workable amounts.  The smaller the area of hair, the more curls which translates to more volume.  I’ll curl my entire head but not comb through the curls to make them softer (I like to keep that for the end).  Once you’ve thoroughly curled – it is now time to incorporate the hair oil.  Ideally a quarter size pump will suffice but it also depends on your hair thickness.  I’ll gently brush out the curls with my fingers (covered in oil) in order to maintain frizz action.  Then I’ll calm down the curls and place my desired hair part.  Lastly, it’s time to spray it in place!  I prefer Elnett because it’s flexible yet durable – not to mention it’s also incredibly affordable.

Ps. Pair with pretty pink pumps for alliteration flair ya little classic curly cutie.

They say a woman who is going to change her hair is about to change her life – and I say heck yes.  Lobs are ideal for so many reasons – quicker drying, less to put up, etc.  However, despite the lighter weight, the chopped look can be incredibly diverse.  Sleek and sexy has been my recent go-to.  The look can be achieved quite simply:

  1. If hair is wet, blow dry without a round brush.
  2. Grab your straightener and go to town.  I usually do this part guided with a small comb so my hands won’t get too hot with the heat of the tool.
  3. Once hair is straightened I’ll grab my favorite hair oil and run through the root ends.  Right now I’m all about The Ouai Rose Oil.
  4. Lastly and the most important step is fix styling paste.  I usually reach for Dry Bar Whiskey Fix and apply to the roots of the fly aways with a toothbrush resembled brush.

Cue in the ‘I got that red lip classic thing that you like’ because this is the go to classic glam. My favorite red mixture at the moment is Kiko Cosmetics 609 topped with Dior Addicts Ultra Gloss in 851. It creates that blue red tone that pops but also not overpowering since the Kiko color is a deeper red and the gloss adds some sheen. I kept the lid pretty simple with a mixture of Mac’s Blonde’s Gold pigment over Urban Decay’s Chopper and darkened with Mac’s Swiss Chocolate matte. Toss on Ardell 105 lashes and slaaay honey.


Ps. I added a simple French braid down the center and teased the remaining with some Dry Bar dry shampoo and spray to add some texture.