Are you in a rut? Your career, fitness, social life, mental health? The list goes on.

This topic of discussion ain’t headlines news or something you haven’t read before, but it’s vital to address and give yourself a check-up. Social media is fucking great – but it’s also fucking draining. There’s been a trajectory of female entrepreneurs aka girl bosses, boss babes, etc. you get the point. It’s empowering to see big name She-E-Os *cough cough* Jen Atkin shattering glass ceilings; but what’s it really doing for you? Are you comparing yourself? Are you secretly or not so secretly incredibly frustrated? Are you discouraged from rejection? Are you discouraged for not even trying?

Digital lifestyles have created such a facade and false identity, which I myself have fallen for in the past, I’m only human people! Where is the divide of career and creative identity? Is your creative identity your career? If yes, is it lucrative or a hobby? If you answered the latter, sit the funk down. I’ve seen friends who are legitimate models/photographers/makeup artists/hair stylists share their frustrations with brands and people wanting to shoot gratis in exchange for promotion. Have you ever stepped foot in your hair salon and asked your stylist for free services in exchange for A PHOTO on your account? NO. Unless you’re Kim K (bad example because you know she compensates her Glam Fam) – don’t even think about assuming free collaborations or services.

At the risk of sounding contradictory, allow me to rewind and readdress a few things. I have accepted gratis beauty gigs when I first started my career in 2016: assisting celebrity makeup artists, magazine editors, luxury fashion house teams, etc. Those were mutually beneficial partnerships in which I have fostered established relationships with those persons.

PSA: This is not meant to intentionally shame micro influencers for collaborating with smaller brands in exchange for posts, that’s essentially what PR is and that in fact is a business. It seems as though everyone wants to be an influencer these days – I don’t blame them at all. I’m all about it but those big name influencers you follow aren’t just getting free product – they are also contracting PAID ADS and PAID COLLABORATIONS because of their talent, hustle, and career journeys.

The point I’m getting to – I swear there was a reason for this opinionated burst – is know your worth. Actually, KNOW YOUR F*CKING WORTH is more like it. Job, relationships, career moves, health, love, the whole shebang.