In a generation of monochromatic nudes and sleek black vibes, fashion force Laura Zapata effervescently revamped my comfort zone with her imaginary fairy godmother wand. With a striking clientele list including Gina Rodriguez, Diane Guerrero, Victoria Justice, and Dascha Polanco; it’s safe to say I would willing wear a trash bag if Laura advised.

Although my passion lies within the beauty realm, I have always been attracted to style and fashion. In fact, growing up my Mamita would design and sew my clothing resulting in many unique and custom threads.

To celebrate the cohesive collaboration of Dove, Laura Zapata, and industry experts at Fashion Snoops (a website dedicated to all things aesthetically pleasing to the ojos) – editors and influencers were invited to a personalized enhancement experience. Upon my arrival to the naturally lit, floor to ceiling window penthouse studio; I was warmly greeted by my soon-to-be stylist, hair stylist, makeup artist, and get this….PHOTOGRAPHER. Like wait…what?! Did I just embody Gina Rodriguez!

First, Laura and I sat down and chatted about her journey in the fashion industry and as the first creative in her Texan Latin rooted familia. She then showcased a rack of ‘Power Workwear’ options featuring bold colors and fabrics for me to try on that would professionally accentuate my curves and stand out in the workplace or everyday #ootd style. I tried on various pieces ranging from a marigold silk blouse, knee length metallic pleated skirt, and a camel colored duster. Suffice it to say, I was in heaven.

Before heading over to the glam station, Laura demonstrated the physical ability of Dove’s Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant keeping white-marks off colored clothing. I was literally shooketh – there was ZERO icky white paste and it smelled absolutely lovely! In fact, Laura noted the spray could even double as a body mist!

My experience with Laura and her team was sincerely unforgettable – I felt as though I was ready to take on the world. Fierce, strong, powerful, confident, sexy, and all those term relating synonyms. You too can get a sense of this feeling by snagging a bottle of Dove and shimming into that brightly colored ensemble that’s been yearning for a day out of the closet.



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