My inner monologue repeats two things often: #1 I could drop my entire life in the states and move to either Barcelona or Mexico City and #2 do it before it’s too late. So, as you can imagine – I am very fond of deeply rooted passionate cultures. Do you remember the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona that came out in 2008? It was one of the earliest sparks of total fixation I had towards one of my homelands, España, was due to watching that film in high school. I had dreamt about self discovery in a land of vast art, music, and FOOD. My 16 year old self knew I would thrive in that environment and alas I DID and it was even more special because I went with the most important people in mi vida.

The flamenco dinner and dancing show was by far the most breathtaking experience! I can still feel the intense steps and striking heel sounds against the wooden floor panels in contrast to the in-house band which gave me hella Gipsy King vibes.

“I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.”

Popular by default, Frida Kahlo deeply resonated with me at a young age as a Latinx artist piecing together my passion and purpose.  Her sense of empowerment and self ownership was decades beyond her time.  In the past, I was always the girl who had large birthday celebrations – this year was different.  As I’ve age, I’ve become more reserved and observant.  Things that used to mean the world to me don’t even come across my mind anymore.  That being said, my biggie and I decided to venture off to Mexico City for my birthday.  We stayed with my mom’s childhood best friend and were toured around by our dear friend Maria (an LA native turned Mexico City local).  Till this day (almost 2019) we all constantly send each other memories to brighten our days from this epic trip.  This city is filled with so much culture, delectable cuisine, musica, ART, and so much to explore.  You can definitely cram a lot of it in over a three day weekend but I suggest venturing out to the pyramids which are an hour away from the city.  We will be back Mexico City!  

Are you in a rut? Your career, fitness, social life, mental health? The list goes on.

This topic of discussion ain’t headlines news or something you haven’t read before, but it’s vital to address and give yourself a check-up. Social media is fucking great – but it’s also fucking draining. There’s been a trajectory of female entrepreneurs aka girl bosses, boss babes, etc. you get the point. It’s empowering to see big name She-E-Os *cough cough* Jen Atkin shattering glass ceilings; but what’s it really doing for you? Are you comparing yourself? Are you secretly or not so secretly incredibly frustrated? Are you discouraged from rejection? Are you discouraged for not even trying?

Digital lifestyles have created such a facade and false identity, which I myself have fallen for in the past, I’m only human people! Where is the divide of career and creative identity? Is your creative identity your career? If yes, is it lucrative or a hobby? If you answered the latter, sit the funk down. I’ve seen friends who are legitimate models/photographers/makeup artists/hair stylists share their frustrations with brands and people wanting to shoot gratis in exchange for promotion. Have you ever stepped foot in your hair salon and asked your stylist for free services in exchange for A PHOTO on your account? NO. Unless you’re Kim K (bad example because you know she compensates her Glam Fam) – don’t even think about assuming free collaborations or services.

At the risk of sounding contradictory, allow me to rewind and readdress a few things. I have accepted gratis beauty gigs when I first started my career in 2016: assisting celebrity makeup artists, magazine editors, luxury fashion house teams, etc. Those were mutually beneficial partnerships in which I have fostered established relationships with those persons.

PSA: This is not meant to intentionally shame micro influencers for collaborating with smaller brands in exchange for posts, that’s essentially what PR is and that in fact is a business. It seems as though everyone wants to be an influencer these days – I don’t blame them at all. I’m all about it but those big name influencers you follow aren’t just getting free product – they are also contracting PAID ADS and PAID COLLABORATIONS because of their talent, hustle, and career journeys.

The point I’m getting to – I swear there was a reason for this opinionated burst – is know your worth. Actually, KNOW YOUR F*CKING WORTH is more like it. Job, relationships, career moves, health, love, the whole shebang.

In a generation of monochromatic nudes and sleek black vibes, fashion force Laura Zapata effervescently revamped my comfort zone with her imaginary fairy godmother wand. With a striking clientele list including Gina Rodriguez, Diane Guerrero, Victoria Justice, and Dascha Polanco; it’s safe to say I would willing wear a trash bag if Laura advised.

Although my passion lies within the beauty realm, I have always been attracted to style and fashion. In fact, growing up my Mamita would design and sew my clothing resulting in many unique and custom threads.

To celebrate the cohesive collaboration of Dove, Laura Zapata, and industry experts at Fashion Snoops (a website dedicated to all things aesthetically pleasing to the ojos) – editors and influencers were invited to a personalized enhancement experience. Upon my arrival to the naturally lit, floor to ceiling window penthouse studio; I was warmly greeted by my soon-to-be stylist, hair stylist, makeup artist, and get this….PHOTOGRAPHER. Like wait…what?! Did I just embody Gina Rodriguez!

First, Laura and I sat down and chatted about her journey in the fashion industry and as the first creative in her Texan Latin rooted familia. She then showcased a rack of ‘Power Workwear’ options featuring bold colors and fabrics for me to try on that would professionally accentuate my curves and stand out in the workplace or everyday #ootd style. I tried on various pieces ranging from a marigold silk blouse, knee length metallic pleated skirt, and a camel colored duster. Suffice it to say, I was in heaven.

Before heading over to the glam station, Laura demonstrated the physical ability of Dove’s Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant keeping white-marks off colored clothing. I was literally shooketh – there was ZERO icky white paste and it smelled absolutely lovely! In fact, Laura noted the spray could even double as a body mist!

My experience with Laura and her team was sincerely unforgettable – I felt as though I was ready to take on the world. Fierce, strong, powerful, confident, sexy, and all those term relating synonyms. You too can get a sense of this feeling by snagging a bottle of Dove and shimming into that brightly colored ensemble that’s been yearning for a day out of the closet.



For the most part, award shows are often memorable in regards to what your favorite celeb wore or whomever is hosting. However, this year’s 75th Golden Globes was monumental in the sense that Hollywood’s most fierce women wore black as a sign of solidarity with abuse victims through the Time’s Up movement. Given the opportunity to glam the ladies of InStyle – I focused on enhancing a focal point – whether it be eyes, lips, or skin. Below is a recap of my day – makeup looks, products, and a stellar outfit I picked out from Ross – yes, I said ROSS (Laverne Cox hit me with a compliment).

BE BOLD – BE PASSIONATE.  That was my inspiration with this look.  Honestly, I was a little skeptical when piecing this together.  Blue lids and red lips?  What American holiday is this??  However, there was something so editorial and elevated about this look.  Lemonhead.La literally. never. fails.  I always reach for that self adhesive glitter whenever I have the chance.  The shade I’m wearing below is Malibu ~ inspired by those majestic blues ~ and hues.  Jeffrey Star Cosmetics liquid lip in shade I’m Shook – a burnt coral cult classic – brought together the 80s vibe I was really feeling.

I’ve been loving my short hair – it’s so versatile, easy, and fun.  Some days I’ll be really into sleek and sexy – other days curly and cute.  To achieve this look you will need:

First, you’ll need to section your hair into workable amounts.  The smaller the area of hair, the more curls which translates to more volume.  I’ll curl my entire head but not comb through the curls to make them softer (I like to keep that for the end).  Once you’ve thoroughly curled – it is now time to incorporate the hair oil.  Ideally a quarter size pump will suffice but it also depends on your hair thickness.  I’ll gently brush out the curls with my fingers (covered in oil) in order to maintain frizz action.  Then I’ll calm down the curls and place my desired hair part.  Lastly, it’s time to spray it in place!  I prefer Elnett because it’s flexible yet durable – not to mention it’s also incredibly affordable.

Ps. Pair with pretty pink pumps for alliteration flair ya little classic curly cutie.

I’m guilty of sticking to my comfort zone when it comes to everyday makeup.  My go-to usually consists of BB cream, concealer, brows, touch of blush, and curled lashes. CALL. IT. A. DAY.  However, shouldn’t we be stepping out of our comfort zone at least a little everyday?  It doesn’t matter in what context – just something new!  Marc Jacobs Beauty has been killing the game lately.  The brand recently launched gel liners which include fun colors in bright pink, purple, etc.  I was instantly turned on by the hot pink liner (pop)ular.  You’d be surprised at what a subtle difference colored liners placed in the waterline can do!

2018 – live a little sweetie!!

They say a woman who is going to change her hair is about to change her life – and I say heck yes.  Lobs are ideal for so many reasons – quicker drying, less to put up, etc.  However, despite the lighter weight, the chopped look can be incredibly diverse.  Sleek and sexy has been my recent go-to.  The look can be achieved quite simply:

  1. If hair is wet, blow dry without a round brush.
  2. Grab your straightener and go to town.  I usually do this part guided with a small comb so my hands won’t get too hot with the heat of the tool.
  3. Once hair is straightened I’ll grab my favorite hair oil and run through the root ends.  Right now I’m all about The Ouai Rose Oil.
  4. Lastly and the most important step is fix styling paste.  I usually reach for Dry Bar Whiskey Fix and apply to the roots of the fly aways with a toothbrush resembled brush.

Beautycon embraces everyone and all – it’s an environment of self expression and inspiration.  Their mission is to challenge traditional beauty standards and redefine what beauty means.  Beautycon is a diverse global community of content creators, celebrities, fans, and brands that come together to celebrate using make-up as a tool for self-expression and sharing your enthusiasm with the world.  The global epidemic will have its annual London convention December 2 and here’s why you need to go:

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