Dry air, alcohol, and satisfying that sweet tooth – just a few contributing factors can cause skin to skin to have an episode on any given vacation.  Anytime you board a plane, you’re exposed to so many variables that your body is just not used to – let alone your skin.  Here are a few tips I followed on my trip to Amsterdam and how to cope with skin-care up in the air.

HYDRATE: Yes – way to state the most obvious, but seriously I can not stress on this enough.  I had trouble with staying hydrated because I have the tiniest bladder and hated getting up every 5 seconds.  I also stocked up on sheet masks – they are perfect for that extra splash of cooling refreshment on your face while quenching your skin’s thirst.

PROTECT: When onboard – it’s not common to automatically realize you are closer to the sun, which translates to harsher sun exposure.  Lather on that SPF y’all – the sun takes no breaks so NEITHER SHOULD YOU.

TRAVEL CLEANSE: A moment of silence for the Kirkland brand makeup wipe removers – not only are they convenient AF, but extremely moisturized with cleansing solution and sold at a great value. Get these, you will not regret it!

In addition to cleansing, I brought along my Elements On The Move Cleansing stick by H20 Beauty. Stick cleansers are best for travel due to their distribution convenience and size.

Matching neutral nails con Mamita!  Xx



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