My inner monologue repeats two things often: #1 I could drop my entire life in the states and move to either Barcelona or Mexico City and #2 do it before it’s too late. So, as you can imagine – I am very fond of deeply rooted passionate cultures. Do you remember the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona that came out in 2008? It was one of the earliest sparks of total fixation I had towards one of my homelands, España, was due to watching that film in high school. I had dreamt about self discovery in a land of vast art, music, and FOOD. My 16 year old self knew I would thrive in that environment and alas I DID and it was even more special because I went with the most important people in mi vida.

The flamenco dinner and dancing show was by far the most breathtaking experience! I can still feel the intense steps and striking heel sounds against the wooden floor panels in contrast to the in-house band which gave me hella Gipsy King vibes.

“I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.”

Popular by default, Frida Kahlo deeply resonated with me at a young age as a Latinx artist piecing together my passion and purpose.  Her sense of empowerment and self ownership was decades beyond her time.  In the past, I was always the girl who had large birthday celebrations – this year was different.  As I’ve age, I’ve become more reserved and observant.  Things that used to mean the world to me don’t even come across my mind anymore.  That being said, my biggie and I decided to venture off to Mexico City for my birthday.  We stayed with my mom’s childhood best friend and were toured around by our dear friend Maria (an LA native turned Mexico City local).  Till this day (almost 2019) we all constantly send each other memories to brighten our days from this epic trip.  This city is filled with so much culture, delectable cuisine, musica, ART, and so much to explore.  You can definitely cram a lot of it in over a three day weekend but I suggest venturing out to the pyramids which are an hour away from the city.  We will be back Mexico City!  

I am still dreaming of the pizza from Naples!!  Ever since I saw Eat, Pray, Love – I have been dying to go to Naples for my Julia Roberts moment.  Naples did not disappoint.  However, during my trip I also discovered the quaint and charming city of Sorrento, Italy.  The town is mostly known for their delicious limoncello and picturesque atmosphere – as well as gnocchi.


Having been continuously inhabited for at least 5,000 years, Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world.  I hate to be a Debbie downer – but this was not my favorite city of my Euro trip.  Sure there are breathtaking historical landmarks and mouthwatering morsels – but it was covered in graffiti and the heat made being surrounded by concrete feel like summertime in New York.  If you plan on visiting Greece, I recommend just staying one day in Athens and knocking out everything you can.  Daily makeup was at a minimum and I never left our Airbnb sans Tarte travel facial mist.

Dry air, alcohol, and satisfying that sweet tooth – just a few contributing factors can cause skin to skin to have an episode on any given vacation.  Anytime you board a plane, you’re exposed to so many variables that your body is just not used to – let alone your skin.  Here are a few tips I followed on my trip to Amsterdam and how to cope with skin-care up in the air.

HYDRATE: Yes – way to state the most obvious, but seriously I can not stress on this enough.  I had trouble with staying hydrated because I have the tiniest bladder and hated getting up every 5 seconds.  I also stocked up on sheet masks – they are perfect for that extra splash of cooling refreshment on your face while quenching your skin’s thirst.

PROTECT: When onboard – it’s not common to automatically realize you are closer to the sun, which translates to harsher sun exposure.  Lather on that SPF y’all – the sun takes no breaks so NEITHER SHOULD YOU.

TRAVEL CLEANSE: A moment of silence for the Kirkland brand makeup wipe removers – not only are they convenient AF, but extremely moisturized with cleansing solution and sold at a great value. Get these, you will not regret it!

In addition to cleansing, I brought along my Elements On The Move Cleansing stick by H20 Beauty. Stick cleansers are best for travel due to their distribution convenience and size.

Matching neutral nails con Mamita!  Xx