They say a woman who is going to change her hair is about to change her life – and I say heck yes.  Lobs are ideal for so many reasons – quicker drying, less to put up, etc.  However, despite the lighter weight, the chopped look can be incredibly diverse.  Sleek and sexy has been my recent go-to.  The look can be achieved quite simply:

  1. If hair is wet, blow dry without a round brush.
  2. Grab your straightener and go to town.  I usually do this part guided with a small comb so my hands won’t get too hot with the heat of the tool.
  3. Once hair is straightened I’ll grab my favorite hair oil and run through the root ends.  Right now I’m all about The Ouai Rose Oil.
  4. Lastly and the most important step is fix styling paste.  I usually reach for Dry Bar Whiskey Fix and apply to the roots of the fly aways with a toothbrush resembled brush.

Montenegro is exactly how I would imagine Genovia from the Princess Diaries would be like.  It was so charming – filled with genuinely happy people from small towns, either by the water or in the mountains.  Actually, the mountain folks definitely could have been in The Sound of Music.  Basically Julie Andrews would really be very pleased here.  My trip to Montenegro was too quick and I’m already dying to go back!

I started my day with a cooling BioRepublic sheet mask since I had been out by the pool the previous day.  I opted for clean glam – lashes, blush/highlight, and Gerard Cosmetics Pretty Penny gloss.  My hair was also slicked back with a half pony and added shine with Ouai hair oil.




The BET Awards had to be the most lively and memorable award show I have ever attended.  Some major acts included Mary J Blige, New Edition, Bruno Mars, and Migos.  I went for a classic sultry look that evening:

It was an unforgettable night with a wonderful date.  Can’t wait for the next one! Xx

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year.  Everything is FRESH – new wardrobe, makeup, etc.  I ventured over to Cabo for the weekend to stay at one of Pueblo Bonitos luxury resorts with my oldest sister, Erika, and paid my dues ala glam squad for her and the gals.  Glowing skin was obviously my main focal point with pops of color to be playful around la playa.  Makeup Forever’s star powder in vibrant colors – such as iridescent fuchsia, orange, and blue were my go-to.  Ofra sent me this fabulous blush/highlighter that came just in time – everyone was basically Jlo for the weekend.  Lastly, the secret to creating the perfect glow?  SETTING SPRAY – Smashbox photo finish primer water before AND after application.  I kept it pretty effortless with the hair and used Ouai beach wave spray and oil. Xx