Drip Doctors specializes in IV Vitamin Therapy, Hydration, Anti-Aging, Cosmetic Enhancements and Concierge Treatments. CEO, Jamila Sozahdah has been killing the game ever since starting in 2014. Not only does her beauty make a presence in a crowded room, but her sense of empowerment, energy, and success takes it to another level.  At the end of our glam session, Jamila injected a Glutathione/ B Complex IV Push which revived me from my back-to-back weekend. Highly recommend! Xx #NatUp

Beyonce said it best, ‘Who run the world? GIRLS.’ I’m thrilled to announce that @makememaldonado will now feature #makememaldonadobeautyandbrains showcasing those ladies with the ambition to make a difference and take on the world that constantly shoves the belief of seeing other women as competition, rather than accomplishments. Dr. Jannelle Aquino conquered Brown University Med School and was dolled up for her celebration this weekend. Xx #NatUp