My inner monologue repeats two things often: #1 I could drop my entire life in the states and move to either Barcelona or Mexico City and #2 do it before it’s too late. So, as you can imagine – I am very fond of deeply rooted passionate cultures. Do you remember the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona that came out in 2008? It was one of the earliest sparks of total fixation I had towards one of my homelands, España, was due to watching that film in high school. I had dreamt about self discovery in a land of vast art, music, and FOOD. My 16 year old self knew I would thrive in that environment and alas I DID and it was even more special because I went with the most important people in mi vida.

The flamenco dinner and dancing show was by far the most breathtaking experience! I can still feel the intense steps and striking heel sounds against the wooden floor panels in contrast to the in-house band which gave me hella Gipsy King vibes.