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Viente Seis en La Ciudad de México

“I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.” Popular… Read More

On the Real, Let’s Chat

Are you in a rut? Your career, fitness, social life, mental health? The list goes on. This topic of discussion… Read More

Styled to Empower by Fashion Force Laura Zapata

In a generation of monochromatic nudes and sleek black vibes, fashion force Laura Zapata effervescently revamped my comfort zone with… Read More

InStyle Golden Globes

For the most part, award shows are often memorable in regards to what your favorite celeb wore or whomever is… Read More

Get The Look: Bold Blue Babe

BE BOLD - BE PASSIONATE.  That was my inspiration with this look.  Honestly, I was a little skeptical when piecing… Read More

A Classic Curled Moment

I've been loving my short hair - it's so versatile, easy, and fun.  Some days I'll be really into sleek… Read More